WR sudden no start

I have an 05 wr450 and came here because whatever happened has me stumped. I was out riding with some buddies going through some deep whoops and came to the end of the trail and shut my bike off to wait for everyone to catch up. The bike sat for about ten minutes.

When I went to to e start it the bike would not fire. Usually takes a few tries to fire when hot but would not turn over at all. Kick start would not work either. Starter started honking so we stopped using that. Started making a grinding Noise with e start and kick so we pulled the one way bearing/ starter damper. Grinding noise went away on kick but still would not start.

Got the bike bump started. It had a very high idle and rich mixture. No perceivable change via idle screw and fuel screw. Bike would not idle without throttle. Was forced to bump start it multiple times on the ride back. When back at camp we fully cleaned the entire carb. No jets were blocked. Adjusted the pilot clip leaner. Still running very rich and only on bump start.

I retired the bike for that weekend and when I got home replaced the extremely burnt plug and checked valve clearance (in spec, barely). Checked stator ohms at connector and that was above 1. I'm planning on ordering a new stator and starter tonight and trying to rebuild my one way bearing.

Is there anything I'm missing here or recommendations for parts to check or replace or just a general direction to go? Can't understand why I can't kick her over if valves are fine.

clear the passage above the pilot with fishing line

inspect all electrcial connections from the battery and harness

I would hold off on ordering the new stator.  They seldom go bad, I've never seen it happen and have worked on lots of bikes.  I have seen them damaged by pullers.  Also, measuring low ohm ratings, is hard to do accurately.  If it says it should be something like .2 (2 tenths) of an ohm and you're getting around 1, I wouldn't worry about that.  

Read Krannie's post.  

Had a buddy help me today to hold the spark plug and check spark, got nothing. I also borrowed a $600 ohmmeter from work and checked everything and it was in spec except my COP primary side. I also noticed it somehow has a dent on it. I am guessing this is the issue. now just need to find somewhere that carries them in stock.

I put the new coil in and no change. No spark at all. I unplugged and sprayed every connection with electrical cleaner and checked continuity throughout the harness. Battery is still strong. What else could be keeping it from getting spark?

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