Need YZ Stock Tank!

I am looking for a stock yz tank for my 2000 wr400f. If anyone has one let me know.

hey, i tried this... they're few and far between... and the stock yamaha yzf tanks are havings probs. with cracking lately...

i ended up getting a tank from clarke (stock yzf capacity) fits and feels great... and you'll need a stock yzf seat, cuz the wr seat doesn't work with a yzf tank... sdg and one industries both make a complete seat unit (with gripper seat cover already installed) for about $70. check with a BOB's cycle catalog.. you can get one there...

anyways, my setup/advice: clarke tank & sdg seat.

:) my $.02 ...

There is a WR tank on ebay right now.

I have one sitting in my garage, that I've been wondering what to do with. I put an oversize tank on my 99' YZF400. It's in great shape, just not big enough for desert racing. I also have the stock pipe if someone is looking to sell their bike and wants to keep their aftermarket pipe.

Besides the yzf hase a much better seat-tank transition

I don'tknow if it will work for you, but I have a very new YZF tank and seat. Cheap. Dave 740-323-3251

Picking up a new 01 yz426 on march first, have already ordered IMS 3.4 gallon. Will sell new tank

4 fair price. sjohnson@USLINK.NET.

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