Chaparal yz450.

The comments regarding the Rekluse clutch used are puzzling to the point of discrediting the entire article.  None of Rekluse's clutches reduce engine braking in any way as issued.  It may be that the team has combined the Rekluse centrifugal auto-engaging clutch with a central hub from something such as Hinson's back torque limiting (slipper) parts, but the Rekluse simply doesn't do that by itself.  It's engaged by RPM, and has no idea as to the throttle position, whether leading or trailing.  All it knows is whether or not it's above the engagement RPM (~2500-3500 RPM) and if it is, it stays engaged, simple as that.  That means that if you drop the throttle at 8 grand and don't touch anything else, the clutch is going to be hooked up just as solidly as if you were accelerating at that speed at full throttle. 

Lots of random bolt-on parts for cornering performance (supposedly) and not one mention of suspension/sag/fork height setup or target rider height/weight?  Silly.

Love the oil cooler set up, but wonder why it has no fins  :confused:

Oxygen sensor..... :thinking:

Way over priced. Very nostalgic to me. I was a blue rider in the McGrath years. If I were to build a yz450 I would do many of these mods if not emulate that exact bike.

I checked the bike out in Store at Chaparral. It's very impressive.

Asked if I could buy the decal kit, same as on the bike- Flat NO.

Oxygen sensor..... :thinking:

Looks to be an oil cooler behind the radiator with lines coming off the oil filter besides the O2 sensor.

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