2004 Yamaha YZ450f Steel frame to Aluminum Frame conversion

Hey guys I was wondering something, does anyone know or has anyone ever taken a 2004 yz450f motor out of a steel frame and installed the motor in a newer 2007 yz450f aluminum frame?

I know that the oil recirculates through the frame and if I did swap them out, I know I would have to put like an oil cooler on it as well, I just didn't know how far off the mounts are for the motor or if the swingarm will actually fit the same in an aluminum frame.

If anyone knows what would be compatible or if this is feasible, please let me know because any input is welcome.

The reason I didn't want a fuel injected bike is because my motor in my 2004 yz450f is remarkably strong, and every time I have ridden a fuel injected 450, raced a fuel injected 450, or compared the two, there wasn't really any power increase that I thought there would be, plus I have put a lot of time into tuning my motor and carb and I have it exactly where I want it. Please someone let me know if this is feasible or if it just won't work. Thanks!

It's a lot of work, with mixed, iffy results. 


What do you think that the advantage will be? 

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