'02 WR426 electrical issue

Well, I am riding along and suddenly nothing. Bike is dies like someone pulled the plug and won't re-start. I immediately hack off the kill switch, after checking the spark plug cap, nothing. I have checked the connections everywhere and have not found anything disconnected or melted.

This WR is stripped of lights and battery, has YZ everything including the CDI.

Has anyone had a similar problem? I have zero spark to the plug. I have yet to head inside to look at the magneto/stator. I thought I would ask here for advice first.


Either the ign coil went bad, stator loose connection or fried, CDI down, or you have a short to ground somewhere. I'd pull the sparkplug and check that you have a spark. If not check for a short to the bikes frame somwhere. Also disconnect the kill sw in front of the handlebars. Start with the basics and then once eliminating possible faults check the higher $ stuff.

NO Spark, I removed the kill switch altogether.

Are Bad coils something common. I have never had one go before (on last 10 bikes).

Unplug the coil and see if you get any juice on that connector. While trying to kick start.

Do you still have the bat. and the reg/rec? You said it was completely YZ. What was changed when converting it to YZ, this might be the key to getting to the bottom of this?

The regulator is still on the bike. I have owned the bike for 7 months or so, and it has been a terrific bike. This was just a sudden occurence. I have not changed anything electrical on the bike for months. The last thing I did was remove the neutral switch and capped it with the Ty Davis Cap, and that did not create and disturbance.

I am wondering if I should by a tester or just start replacing parts? That is once I check the magneto/stator connectins.

Well, based on my resistance readings, I think the magneto/stator is toast.

Anyone heard of this happening on these bikes before?

I am just hoping my readings are right --> low to non-existent. The coil readings are fine.

How did you measure the stator? If you are getting a low resistance or close to 0 ohm, it's probably fine. If you get an open circuit I would be worried.

Again how are you testing it? Did you disconnect the regulator while testing?

I spec'd out the circuit with an Ohm meter, as per the manual. My coil readings were right on, but the stator was no where close.

I did not disconnect the regulator. I do not believe the manual advised such. Once I get the problem fixed, is it O.K. to remove the regulator alogether?

Well I just Found out that I Lost more than just my stator. I chipped a gear somewhere in the case and it grenaded my Flywheel/stator on the inside. It literally looks like someone shot the magneto with a gun. $700-$800 to fix. OUCH!

Wow I am sorry to hear that. I heard you died on Sunday last weekend but didn't know what happened. I guess you will be racing orange this weekend?

See ya on Sunday hopefully.

Yep, me and the '02 453SX. Now that the suspension is dialed I should be o.k., but I would rather be racing the 426.

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