2002 Yz426f problem

I took my bike out for a ride last weekend and it started all good and ran smooth as for about half an hour, I've pulled up to stop and the bike cut out and I could not get it going again all day, took it home still wouldn't start but the next day it started first kick. Anyone have any ideas to what may be the problem?


at first I would change the sparkplug , sometimes they dont want to work when they are hot.

I would also check if the carburator gets enough fuel . To do that close your fuel cock. Drain the carburator by opening the dainbolt at the bottom of it , let the fuel run through the hose in a bottle. If the carb ist empty open the fuel cock and see if there is enough fuel coming out auf the daining hose. If it is just ja litte drop second by second your should dismount your carb and clean it , also check if the tank is free of dust an the carb gets enough fuel.

Does it still kick over fine once it Has stalled?

Are you using the hot start button?

Have you inspected the hot start plunger?

Have you ever cleaned the carb?

Was it your first ride of the season after the bike had been sitting for a while?

As stated above, try giving the carb a good clean. It could be that the carb is being starved of fuel during youe ride and after sitting overnight it fills back up. And a different plug can sometimes be the answer. I recently changed mine over to the old ugly looking plug that the bike had when I got it. Fired up first kick after failing to do so for an hour with the new NGK Iridium plug I had put in it. Go figure...

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