2000-2005 YZ426F/YZ450F/YZ250F Exhaust End Cap Interchangeability

Wondering if anyone can help me with a few questions. I'm looking for a spark arrestor end cap for my 2002 YZ426F stock exhaust. These answers might open up a few options since parts for these bikes are getting harder to find.

1. YZ426 exhaust mufflers came with either an exposed end pipe or a conical cap on the end of the muffler. Does anyone know if after market end caps for a YZ426F will fit both styles? Companies like Pro Moto Billet don't differentiate between the two muffler types (exposed end pipe vs conical cap). Mine has the conical cap on the end.

2. Is the muffler for a YZ250F the same for this generation? IE..Can I put an aftermarket 2002 YZ250F end cap on a 2002 YZ426F?

3. The 03-05 YZ450F looks to have an identical exhaust muffler to my YZ426F and maybe those end caps will fit as well. Can anyone confirm?

This forum has been an awesome resource and any help is appreciated. Thanks

Pics for reference:

YZ426F with exposed end pipe

YZ426F with conical end cap

YZ250F with stock exhaust

YZ450F with stock exhaust


yz426 2.jpg



I can only answer 2), the 250f end caps should fit on the 4xx pipes of the same years. I put a 250f end cap on a yz400 without issues.

"Same years" isn't altogether operative.  There was never a YZ250F when the YZ400 was built.  But they did cross fit, you say.

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