Sometimes it just dies

Went for my first dirt ride today, and after a while it wouldn't idle, just die with no hesitation. And just two pops if I pulled up somewhere or pulled the clutch in, wouldn't start then Id give it a minute literally and then would start first kick- normally does. This happened twice in 5 minutes then I went back onto the road and was sweet.

08 wr450f 1850ks- I've had it for 250ks

Not sure if it's got ais

Air box would be stock I assume

Has been jetted (don't know what to)

Grey wire hasn't been touched

Took the baffle and pee shooter out before the ride

Any suggestions or starting point would be great!

I'll have a geaze,cheers !


I wasn't riding her hard before mainly just putting around. It was like 15 degrees C Don't know the elevation

Throttle stop has been modded I was told, feels like my yz450 aswell

+1. It does sound like you might have a little trash floating around in the carb that needs to be cleaned out.

How dirty is the air cleaner? Just curious as it sounds like you have not even looked into the air box yet. If it is real dirty, cause previous owner did not clean it often, it stands to reason carb could be dirty as well.

I once had a bike that would run till real hot and then it would stop for a few minutes like you mentioned. Turned out it had a bad CDI and when it got real hot it would quit till the box cooled down. USUALLY when they go that is it....but sometimes they can do weird stuff.

Air cleaner is smik and air box is clean

Ok so it happened again on the road, switched the tank tap to reserve and went like a champ, switched it back over to normal tank and cut out again, is their a filter in the tank ?

Time for a new and easy!

Both the pick-ups for the mains and reserve have real fine screens on them to keep trash out of the carb.

You might try puling the petcock out of the tank, opening it up to on, blowing some compressed air backwards through it to see if it will clean out

any garbage that might be plugging it up and then going to reserve and doing it again.

I would also try to look into tank while you have it off and the petcock out and see if there is any junk floating around in it just to be sure it is clean too.

Yeh got it under control now boys hahaha

It was clogged up!


Yeh got it under control now boys hahaha

It was clogged up!



being that you are from Australia, I figure it must have been some venomous snake or poisonous spider or something like that clogging the petcock, right?




Yeh if you don't watch out, when refilling out in the bush little drop bears, drop into your tank :)

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