yz450fx any news?

So the salesman at my dealer was pretty positive that the 450fx was a only couple months away. He recommended not getting the 250 because the 450 was on the way (he assumed I wanted a 450 cuz that's what I'm on now). Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else knows anything. He was so sure that he just sold his wr450 so he could get one. Actually I'm thinking the 250 is ample but I'm curious.

Kind of the same topic, is the '16 WR 450 getting the inverted motor?

My friend who works at a Yamaha dealership said Yamaha will advise the dealers what their 16 line-up is in mid June.  They are hoping for an FX 450 too.  It doesn't sound like many of the guys at the shop are into the recent YZ's.  He said something like "we were just talking about the WR being better than the YZ."

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