Yesterday while installing my gold valve I tore the band that wraps around the oring on the GV while trying to reassemeble the shock body.(JACKASS)I'm trying to get a new one (ASAP)since I'm leaving for florida on wednesday. Does anyone have one of these???? 2001 426 I live in new jersey.


This is not a oring. This is some type of teflon coated band. It goes over the oring thats on the gold valve. I already tried RT they do not have this stock!(WHATS UP WITH THAT)

Dave thanks for trying.


I have plenty of Gold Valve stuff laying about the garage.

Although I'm still not sure what you are talking about, I may have what you need.

If you REALLY need this part, give me a call on my cell phone. 408-406-2089.


Most KYB (all?) shocks have around the main piston, a teflon (i believe) coated metal band - simmilar to the teflon coated metal split sleeves that go in your shocks. This is what rides up and down inside the shock body, if I am not mistaken.

Did the kit come with a sleeve, or was that the stock sleeve being re-used on the gold valve?

If it came in the kit, you could always just re-install the stock valve for now. Call race-tech too, they will send you a new one ASAP, just give em a few bucks! I got sent a shim for my fork gold valves in 3 days, priority mail. I dealt with Carter, he seems like a good enough fella, but I'm sure they would all do the same.

Race Tech


Are you talking about the grayish colored band that goes around the gold valve in the shock? If so how did you rip that...installing the shaft back into the shock body? I cant believe RT doesnt have those in stock! Good Luck,



Yes that is what i'm talking about. I don't know what happened. I was being careful that the band was seated properly. But the GV entered the shock body angled so I had to remove it. I think this is when that band got damaged. RT said i could probably still use it until i get a new one. I just hate to do things halfass.(I could kick myself for this one) A.J.


Most good auto parts stores carry o-ring kits that contain o-rings of many shapes and sizes.

I'm sure you could get one that would match your need.

Another source is the plumbing section of the local hardware store. They too usually have a large selection of o-rings.

If not, contact Race-Tech directly and have them Fed-Ex one out to you.


The part should be on the way. I got it all ready to go and the wife took it by the post office this morning with strict instructions to get it there overnight.

MXTUNER(u da man)

Received that part 11:30 am. Job completed. I will test ride in the morning. I will let you

know how it worked. I will send check ASAP!

I searched every where for this part including race tech and nobody had this part. Mxtuner saved my vacation. Leaving for florida tomorrow.


Glad it worked out. Have a great vacation!

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