2001 wr426 / yz426 parts

Hi guys,

Im from UK and just purchased a fully road legal 2001 WR426

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1432893187.110662.jpg

I'm wanting to do a few things and I'm totally new to the wr bikes, in fact the last time I had a dirt bike was over 16 years ago!

I've just recently sold my bandit 1200

Right the things I'm stuck with...

I want to use the bike on the road (supermoto) as well as off road (green lanes & track )

Now suspension wise I'll just keep the best set up for track tbh

But wheels.. I'd like to fit some caviga mito wheels for road use,

What modification doni have to make to the wheels to make them for.?

I also want to pull the bike apart and rebuild with a powder coated white frame and some fresh plastics,

Is there anywhere I can get a full set of WHItE plastics?

And thirdly

Do all yz426 parts fit the wr426.?

Is it just the gearing and cdi mapping that's different.?

Cheers in advance guys

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1432893508.633748.jpg

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