Anyone out there in Western Montana or Norther Idaho?

I live in Missoula Montana and I am looking for people on TT that live in this general area.

Check the "Northwest" Forum :)

I was stationed in Montana (Malmstrom AFB) and plan on retiring in 5 years around Missoula. Wouldn't mind hearing about riding areas as well.

Sandpoint ID. About 150 miles from Missoula


Are there any organized events in northern Idaho (enduro, Hare Scrambles, poker runs, ect.) that you know of? Also where are the good riding areas there? Thanks

There are not a lot of organized places to ride around here. Some designated trails. I am still looking for them also. I know they are here just not very well marked. I have ridden a few. The Talache to Bayview is a single track Motorcycle/Horse trail that is challenging.

Check this link out. It is in Spokane WA. I did the Halloween "ScareScramble last year and it was fun.

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