Rebuilt 2005 Yamaha YZ450F

Hello all,

Just posting my fully rebuilt 2005 YZ450F.

Picked it up cheap for $450 after it was submerged in a flood.

It was a mess, particularly the engine internals.and it was partially disassembled with a few missing bits.

Complete strip:

Repainted frame.

New lower engine bearings, all seals done, new conrod & crank pin, new water pump, new cam chain, new rings, re-shimmed & seated valves, all wheel & steering bearings and seals done.

New fork seals.

Just got it running today for the first time since I got it. :thumbsup:

Engine before.JPGPartial rebuild.JPGComplete 30-05-15.JPG

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Nice looks like you had quite a mess to deal with

Sure was mess.

Luckily the sludge inside the engine was oily and there was very little corrosion on the face of the gears.

Obviously all of the engine bearings were stuffed, but the engine had very little run time and was actually really good from a wear perspective when cleaned up.



Wow man that looks pretty nasty....glad it worked out good for you dude

Wow nice score

As bad as the mud looked inside that engine, I'd say you had a much better place to start than my poor tired old 426 (picked up for $750)- congrats on your project, it looks like a brand new bike- great job!

How did you see the bike for sale?  Craigs List?

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