Recommended Yamaha Dealerships

A few weeks ago I decided to give my R1 to my brother and buy a new 2015.     While looking for the best price I spoke with over a dozen Yamaha dealers in the last week alone.   During that process I got a rough feel for them,  and three of them stood out from the others.


In no particular order,


1) Miller's Yamaha Polaris in PA 

2) Romney Cycles in WV               

3) New York Honda Yamaha in NYC


Miller's had the absolute lowest prices,   followed closely by Romney.     I can tell that Miller's would be an excellent place to deal with in particular,  If email and phone conversations mean anything.    NYHY's prices were slightly higher than either Miller's or Romney,   but not enough to worry about unless you need to save as much as possible.


Miller's and Romney would have been a 4hr 20min drive or a 3hr 40min drive,  respectively.     I ended up going with NYHY since it was only a 2 hour drive.


I initially contacted NYHY by email,  and then by phone.   Every step of the way I dealt directly with one of the owners,   Darrin.      That is also true of Miller's,  where I spoke directly with Ernie Miller.    Let's just say it's nice to speak with someone at the top of the food chain,   particularly when you can tell that they are passionate about what they are doing.


I also chatted with NYHY's sales manager,   Chris,   while waiting for them to finish prepping my bike.   The conversation was totally unrelated to my purchase,  we just bs'd about different types of bikes and 60's / 70's muscle cars.   Chris rides enduro and motorcross,  and I watched him ride a WR250 around the building and into the showroom doors,  picking his way through the people and bikes while standing.    He was fluid and you can tell he loves the sport.


I paid cash,  but I spent a fair amount of time chatting with their finance manager,  Dina.   She's been at the dealership for 16 years,  and listening to her handle calls and handle the people popping their heads into her office was like watching a fish swim.  


NYHY is the #1 volume dealer in the Tri-State region.   If I remember correctly they mentioned that they had just hit number one in the nation.    If you want a bike,  they can get it.  They do so much business that they aren't limited by their own credit line,  and Yamaha gives them whatever inventory they want.    While smaller dealers might get X amount of a particular hot bike in a year,   he can pick up the phone and buy that many in one day if he wants.  Overall it was a pain free  and enjoyable experience,   and I saved $2700 by driving 2 hours.


For parts I still head to most of the time.


The absolute worst price I got for that 2015 R1 was the dealership just 4 miles from my house.    They wouldn't budge on the price,  freight,  prep,  document fees,   none of it.     Of all the dealers I called,   only 3 were really willing to deal.    I even offered to pay my local dealer the full purchase price in advance,  so they could order me a bike and I would wait,   rather than removing one from their inventory.   No budge.


NYHY was over $1300 below MSRP,    no freight,  no prep,  no setup.    Below MSRP,   "out the door" with a T-Tag,   and of course I have to pay taxes when I register it in my home state.


Imo,  it's best to contact them by phone. 


For parts,  I still go with most of the time.


If you know of any other good dealers in your region that go the extra mile please post them,   it might help some people out in the long run.






Try posting in the right section mate you will get more answers ha ha

This is solely motocross on here.

They sell motocross bikes.

Try posting in the right section mate you will get more answers ha ha

This is solely motocross on here.


It wasn't a question.


ha ha.

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