So..gray and others. New 2t's vs 4t's

The 03 was a holeshot machine and I really liked the 4 speed for mx that's only one of the reasons why I have hung onto it since 03. It has 2 siblings a 13 and 15 that it goes to the race track or woods with every once and a while. lol

The new ones still pull hard but way smoother, hard to explain without trying one out yourself.

Don't ride a 2014 if you don't have the cash to buy one because you will want one more then anything! That's what happened to me anyway lol.

I guess that is a fairly good comparison. My 03 is similar to the power of a KX 500 from way back in the early 90s I rode. It feels good when I romp on it and blast through a curve now. I was scared to twist on it when I first got to riding it. I just expect the front tire to always be off the ground coming out of turns and shift weight accordingly. Lol

Ohhhh, wide ratio...

So whats all that mean? The wide ratio etc on that 250x?

For some reason im afraid that its just a dumbed down engine for woods without the two stroke snap?

I had an 04 exc 250 that I had tuned to my personal perfection. The vibes killed me. I wonder if yami did it better? Someone buy one so I can decide if I need one!

Wide ratio refers to the "spacing", or relative difference between each gear ratio.  It's also the original meaning of the prefix "WR".  The WR models have a lower low gear than the YZ's, and a higher top gear as well, so the change in engine RPM on each shift is greater, and each gear has a speed range that has less overlap with the ratios above or below it. 

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