2002 yz426f

Alright ive been wondering if anyone knows if a Yz450 crank assembly will work in my 2002 yz426, heres my vin if anyone needs to look up anything. JYACJ01C22A023016. i am in need of any help or advice, i paid alot for this bike and ide like to get it fixed. My old cranks bearing went and now i have a blueish color on the rod and it barley moves. i will replace the side bearings but do you think i should just get a new rod/pin/bearing.

The blue color on the crank flywheels at the crank pin was put there by the factory during the original assembly; it's normal.


A 450 crank will not work.


If you can find a local shop competent to do the work, replacing the rod kit (rod, bearing, crank pin) will work fine.  Yamaha still lists the complete crank (5JG-11400-20-00 ) as an available service part, and you can probably find one from Hot Rods as well.

Just dropped the motor at the shop their Gona replace my old rod/bearing/pin and side bearings and check the gears to make sure things werent damaged. Can't wait. I'm Gona sand and paint the bike and post some pics soon.

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