Pics of your 98-02 wr250f wr400f wr426

Hi all looking to see what everyone else has done with their wr250 400 426.

2000 WR400



2000 WR400F - waiting on new plastic & graphics.






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Here's what I've been doing with the 01 I just picked up for a song:



The poor beast was completely worn out. I decided I'm tired of the blue frame look, so I went with VHT engine enamel + 2 coats of clear- so far it looks like a factory paint job (color aside)- the cylinder is on it's way back from US Chrome with a new liner/Wossner piston, the trashed head is at Engine Dynamics getting a rebuild with all stainless valves, new OEM cam chain, I sourced a weightless yz426 aluminum subframe and an '03 swingarm (had to actually cut the old one out- along with the linkage)


I also discovered that CLR along with a fine wire brush does a KILLER job at cleaning grungy engine cases! (spray a tiny bit on, scrub it good, wipe it off with a cloth, spray the area down with water so the acids in the cleaner don't go too far, then dry it- amazing results!)


Hopefully mine will look (and run) nearly as good as the rest of these fine examples here soon! (and yes- the "go-cart" in the background got the same treatment a few years back- obviously I'm not the only one here with a hobby car- nice backdrop, BlueBeast!)



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Thanks Curt! 1956 Lincoln "Lead Sled"...just another money pit, but at least retains its value unlike dirt bikes.

LOL! Nobody collects dirt bikes for investment purposes- they're just for fun! Now '56 Lincolns on the other hand... :thumbsup:


My last Yamaha was a '91 WR500 "air hammer"- that was fun, but the gearing wan't well suited to riding with my kids. I'm anxious to see what these WR thingies can do! Thermos- is that the yz tank/seat combo on yours? Looks very sleek and comfortable... I'll post more pix of mine as it comes together, but I have to give the frame paint a few more days to cure.



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Sorry guys- I know this isn't my thread, but I'm stoked to be able to report on some progress:



I've finally gotten most of it together- including a YZ seat/tank arrangement with the same fuel capacity as stock WR. I snagged a "new" airbox/air filter from ebay (tried to clean both this "new" air filter and my old air filter, and BOTH filters disintegrated before my very eyes in a bucket of lukewarm soapy water!) Brand new air filter element on it's way, new chain and sprocket set are on order- oil is in, radiators are full of fresh coolant- this baby is nearly ready for it's initial start-up. Next on the list is getting rid of the stub of the old odo cable. I found a sticker on the downtube of the frame that says this bike complies with all federal EPA emissions and noise standards... is it possible I may be able to plate this bike?



looks good heres a pick of my wr when i first got it and what it looks like now



I miss my old WR400 :-( 


But needed to make room for my 2012 WR450 :-)

My old 2002 wr426f:


My 98 WR400 Supermoto. Just finished restoring it this spring.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1437493780.540043.jpg

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