WR450F 2012 with 06 YZ ex. cam, positioning question

I 'm pretty sure that between the 12'o clock punch marks there were 14 pins.

After stuffing in the YZ cam with 14 pins between top marks (easier to count)

the 9'o clock and 3'o clock marks well appear a little submerged.

But considering the &%$#@!ed up EFI Engine accessability they might be meant to be viewed slightly from above?


Anyone got experience with a '06 YZ cam in an '12 WR head?

Are the 3'o clock and 9'o clock punch marks to be viewed exactly from the side?

Should they really both be flush with the cylhead surface?


edit: sorry my bad. when  done right them punch marks are exactly at cylinder head top surface height

when the crank ist at TDC, if you stick your finger into the cam chain tensioner hole and eliminate the slck in doing so.

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You cannot time cams based on pin count between cams.  For one thing, that completely ignores the position of the crank, which is the real issue.  For another thing, it varies from one model to another and can't be depended upon as can the actual timing marks.  There is one exception to this, but that involves the use of an Auto decomp cam from a 450 in an earlier engine.


Time the cams by the timing marks, and let the pin count come out how it will.

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