How to start....the OTHER starting issues!

Any motocrossers feel free to jump in, this is going to be my first whole year on a 426 and I would like to know how to efficiently start my arm pump-a-thon. I only do starts on dirt, one track is loam,sand...the other is clay. Thanks for your input! :)

I always do pretty good at holeshots so I'll give you my method.

Keep your bike in neutral untill the 30 sec board is sideways. This keeps the clutches cooler and makes you less tense. Concentrate on a certain spot you want to go for, such as a rock or the inside stake or something. When the board goes sideways kick the bike into second gear and rev the bike to about half throttle. I like to keep my left foot on the peg so I can quickly shift. Don't wait for the gate to drop completely. As soon as you see it move start to let out the clutch and apply the throttle. You will have to practise clutch and throttle control. Immediately look down track at that spot you concentrated on. That's where you want to go. Shift your weight to the rear of the bike. When you shift keep the throttle wide open and just use the clutch enough to pop it into gear. If something goes wrong and you don't come out in front out of the gate it's time for plan B. Relax, think, and look for an opening in the corner. A lot of times there will be a huge hole and you might be able to get around 15 bikes at once. One thing to remember on starts is to hold your ground. Don't back off for anyone. Even if it means going down or taking them out. Just hold your line and concentrate on yourself. Don't worry about anyone else.

we have a light system instead of a light turns on, start em up....yellow light goes on, get ready.....yellow light blinking is equal to board being sideways and you shouldnt see the green light come on cuz ur lookin at the light equals 2-6 seconds till gate drops

I used to reach over and tap the clown next to me and yell out to him

"Just before the Start I feel like Puking Dont You"

I was never beat to the corner

As stated earlier wait until 3- second marker, Look at turn one and pick your line shoot for that mark with nothing else on your mind but that.

Rememebr when the Gren flag drops the bull**** stops

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