So I am converted my 426 to a dual sport ( well, am in the process) However I need some help with the stator wiring. I picked up the WR426 stator just to charge a 12v battery I am putting in the air box. I bought the needed regulator/rectifier (trail tech) to convert the ac (stator) to the dc (battery) to charge it. The 12v battery will be lighting a 35w 12v polisport headlight, tusk tail light and turn signals and a horn. I am just curious as to if I need to mod the stator to work with the yz wiring or of the regulator/rectifier does that. Plus I have no clue how to wire the headlight. It has 3 prongs for the main light (the wiring diagram said ground, medium, maximum) then had a tiny lithe bulb to the side that says 4w and has two little wires that are a 2 pin connector, and like i said i have the tusk wiring kit which has the main switch for the head light but only has 3 wires for a main headlight a low beam and then a high beam, other than this, the bike is ready to go and I am dying to get it out on the road.

Hey, I want to the same exact thing!


Any pictures, or additional info will be appreciated!


Yamaha never made a YZ450 on/off road, they'd clean up the 600/650 market, for anyone wanting to actually go off-road.

At least I live in a state where I just need the original certificate, and make it pass inspection, new bike is 5 years.




2001 YZ426F aka the Cluster F

I finished it, the easiest part was the wiring. The tusk wiring kit is awesome, you can get your own battery (also comes with small battery pack) and hook everything up the way you want it. The only problem I had was nodding the wr stator to work with the yz. I did the pink wire mod, and it seemed to run but didn't run effectively so I will have to make better connections. Here's the final pics before and then after...ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1434086687.133119.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1434086701.663693.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1434086710.715285.jpg

You can pm me for detailed instructions I would be happy to help. Just took the first ride on it today, and I haven't changed the tires so they were a bit loud and wobbly. Just got a job at cycle gear and that's exactly where my paycheck will go.

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