Interpreting Yamaha spring rates

I am looking for even softer springs for my 450f. Cruising through motosport they offer OEM yamaha springs in differing rates. I currently have .47kg/mm fork springs but I want .45kg/mm. Yamaha list there rates as 4.5k, 4.7k, 4.9k? I assume it's metric and in a different unit?

Yamaha lists their springs this way:  SPRING (K=APPROX.46N/MM)


The "K" is more or less meaningless to you.  The spring rate listed here is 46 Newton/millimeters.  Yes, that's metric, but so, obviously, is Kg/mm.  Nevertheless, 46 N/mm is 4.69 Kg/mm. 


The conversion is 1 newton = 0.10197 kilogram (force).

Thank you!

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