Petcock options

I recently picked up an IMS 3.1 gallon tank from someone. It came with a cap and petcock, no clue what variety. The petcock is on/off only, no reserve. The guy had the tank for his YZ450F (05 I think), which means it should fit my 03 WR450 with the YZ shrouds (which he included). 


Are the cheap ebay petcocks any good? I can spend the $30ish for an OEM one but would prefer not. I know reserve isn't mandatory but it's nice to have, especially on a supermoto. 

I wouldn't recommend the cheap china petcocks. For twice the $$ buy an oem one and know that it will last.  

I bought one from motomart on ebay for $10. It might be Chinese made, but the shop is in CA. It fits perfect and have had no problems. Holding it up to the old OEM they look identical.

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