2015 maps for Dr D full system

I have searched the forum and there is a lot of info on 2014 models, but very little on 2015.  Does anyone have a few maps they have tested with the full DR D system on a 2015 bike?

Just call drd they will email you three maps I prefer the one with hit for the drd the mxa one is more higher rpm

I've tried about 7 maps and the one from drd for the drd exhaust seems to be best depending on how you are riding and track type

If you have the Dr D maps for the 2015 can you post?  I called and they are out testing today.  I have my new system on and would like to try some of the maps tomorrow.



ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1433532205.002337.jpg

This is the mapping I am currently running on my 2014 yz 450 with full dr.d sistem. This is a mxa map I picked up a while back. It is supposed to be the best map for stock exhaust. When I threw the dr.d on it ran pretty good also. Looking to try some different maps when I get a tuner

Thanks Conner, but looking for 2015.  Can't seem to find much on 2015 models.

I'll post tomorrow I have a few

The maps from drd are from 2014 they are same for 2015 its same motor

This one is killer


The maps from drd are from 2014 they are same for 2015 its same motor

yes same motor but the baseline(stock setting all 0's) on the 14 ' and 15' computers are different so if you put a map for a 14 on a 15 it would have different results.

Not sure what you mean? The napdw from drd are from r and d on the 14 and they are the maps they give for the 15 and it doesnt matter what baseline is the guy asked for maps for the 15 so this is whats available from drd


Thanks 15thumper.  The first map you posted is for a 2015.  I used it and WOW.  That thing rips. It was a bit much for me even on a wide open MX track.  I will need to detune it slightly, but it is much closer to what I like than stock.


And YZUSMCf is correct.  The starting point in the ECU is different for a 2014 than a 2015 so the maps will not have the same effect.  I guess you could figure out the difference between a 2014 and 2015 and then convert 2014 maps.


Anyways, you got me close to what I am looking for.  Thanks

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