Mowing the lawn!

I just clicked over to check this site out and I noticed the pic of motoman393 roostin. WOW. It sure looks like he's more positioned to "mow the lawn" get them elbows up kid!

Hmm..I really need to get some more pics with my new digicam...but here is one I found...


how much do you weigh????

those are pretty stiff springs!!!

that was kinda harsh....whats wrong with the big guys on bikes

I have the same spring front/rear, I weigh 210.

<<<<260 :)

Here are some more pics of me "mowing the lawn" BigBloke ! I would like to see you try to ride with me "mowing the lawn" on my 426 I think you would be seeing something like this LOL:




<bgsound src="" loop="1">

[ February 19, 2002: Message edited by: motoman393 ]

Therapture, I think I need a bigger monitor.

cool pic's guys!!!!thumb.gif


Those are some nice pic's!!!

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