Looking for advice for a carb piece on my 2005 WR450

Recently took the carb off the bike to clean it, however the throttle shaft screw which attaches to the slider was stripped, I tried to take it out with an extractor but that broke off leaving me with a pretty useless part. 
See pics, does anybody have an old part they would be willing to sell? I've looked on the parts diagram and it is not there, also checked with the local shop.



Re tap it

Tapping out to the next size up and it looks like it will break in half. I think that eliminates heli coil or threaded insert


1) Maybe buy an entire beat FCR carb off of flea-bay just for that one part?


2) A skilled welder can fill in the hole, drill out to tap drill size, and then tap it. I may be inclined to go one screw SMALLER for strength

    Take a magnet to it. If it sticks, its carbon steel. If not, its stainless, exact alloy unknown

Just be careful of warpage during welding.

That shaft has to rotate true

Use a TIG torch with mild power. small bead, let cool, repeat until filled

180 bucks for a whole FCR complete with TPS is butt cheap!

I recall almost falling off the chair when I looked up the spare parts price in the yamaha micro fiches: it was way over 1000 euros!

If that carb is low hours, too, it's a steal.

It not, e.g. if the slide's rollers have dug themselves in already, at least all other parts would be usable.

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