New 2015 yz450f, New Rider, I'm short , she's tall

The geometry is not identical, you have changed the shock's possition in it's stroke changing your top out and bottom out lenght, also (and more importantly for geometry) you have changed the angle of the swing arm which changed anti-squat and lift and wheelbase and a ton of other things.



As the OP said, he's short and the bike is tall, I have a '15 YZ450F myself, lucky for me I'm 6'1 and how tall these bikes are is one of the reasons I bought one. The springs and valves are set for someone our weight (we are both 200 lbs) of course riding ability plays a role but as he says he's new to the dirt bike game so we won't factor that in. 110mm is a good race sag for these bikes as it puts the swing arm right where you want it while leaving proper up travel and down travel. Having the forks  5-8mm up in the triple clamp makes the front end feel planted and helps this big girl corner while also lowering the bike a touch for our 5'8 OP

And how much change in angularity of the swing arm do you seriously suppose 5mm makes? Swing arm geometry has far less to do with overall handling than you give it credit for, and much less than the change to the steering geometry that moving the fork tubes up accomplishes.  But whatever you like.


If the rear suspension tops excessively, then you may have something, or it could simply be a matter of too little rebound ( a common problem with YZ's in general ). 

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