Stock Exhaust Map

Any map recommendations on a stock exhaust with the gytr insert? I just took off my power core exhaust and went back to stock. The PC was too loud for me. I liked the motocross map the best with the PC. CO is set to 10.


This boards slower than it used to be. Anyway, I played around wit some naps and still like the mx the best even with stock can. I may go back to the fmf slip on because the lower power output with the stock can is hard to go back to. The fmf is hard on the ears and I get snarly looks from people in the forest...

Try vlxjim's map

3 4 4 0 0 0

3 5 3 -2 -1 0

3 4 3 -2 -2 0

Great all around map. I modified the above map a hair to fit my riding style and it runs great with stock and PC can. Bike runs cooler too :thumbsup:

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