wr426 just dies

I think KRANNIE had to stop before he had a brain anyerism! :lol:

Sounds like your carb needs to be rebuilt for real top to bottom, with all the correct jetting sizes.

Gas is leaking out the vent lines because either your float height is not set correctly or is stuck. Maybe even a hole in it.

To take the carb out of the equation, it needs to be made right.

hello i took the carb off today and cleaned the floater thing in an attempt to make it stop dripping gas. the only problem is that now the idle is crazy high and it will not turn down when i use the idle screw, did i screw something up?

lol i forgot to update this sorry guys i figured it out, the previous guy that i had bought the bike from had adjusted the valves horribly wrong and in doing so he adjusted the (i think it was called caliper) so that it was super uneven, got the caliper (i think thats what its called) adjusted correctly and the bike works great. thanks for all the help! sorry about my noobieness lol

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