2004 YZ 450f suspension inquiry/upgrade?

Hey guys,

Quick question. I know nothing about suspension, but I have read that the SSS Kayaba forks off like a 2006 Yamaha yz450f are a million times better than the factory forks that came on a 2004 yz450f. I love my bike but I have to do something about the suspension because the bike when on trails and corners feels REALLY nose heavy, and after riding some other bikes I realized that my suspension may need to be worked on. Whether this is revalving/rebuilding the factory forks on mine, or spending a little extra money if they are truly worth it and just buying a set of like 2006 SSS fork tubes and replacing mine with those.

Any thoughts? Is there a way to get my forks and suspension to perform as good as the 2006 yz450 front suspension? Or is the best thing just to buy those fork tubes and be done with it? Sorry I am just completely retarded when it comes to suspension I don't know that much about it as far as rebuilding the forks or valving, I have just read some and really wanna dial the suspension on my bike in the best I can. I ride trails and woods predominately, and weigh 210lbs, 6'0.

Thanks again guys!

You could actually get the '04 fork working much better than it does, and the people who are the best with them can get the up to near par with the stock SSS fork for about the same money as a good used set of SSS forks costs.  So, it's sort of a choice between two equals until you start thinking about how good the SSS fork can be with a revalve. 


Either way, it's a lot of money to put into an '04, IMO.

Thanks grayracer,

Yea I actually just got some new plastics/graphics and put them on my bike and I have mine for sale right now, I decided to sell it, and take that $ plus some other $ I have and just buy a newer model. The only question I have, and it seems like a no brainer, is whether it would be better to get a 09 carbed model if I could find one in awesome shape or just go ahead and get a FI model like a 2012/13/14?

Not really such a no brainer.  The '06-'09 carbed models may actually be preferable if you're building an off-road bike or if you mostly ride trails, woods, or desert for recreation, or if you're just more comfortable with carbs.  But the EFI bikes are the way to go if MX for fun or for real is more your game.  There's no clear answer except for what you like.

Gray racer,

I ride more trails and for fun, definitely not racing any MX or anything like that. I ride every weekend granted, but it's mostly woods, hard pack, and the occasional drag racing lol. Given that's how I ride, what do you think would be a better fit?

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