2009 YZ 450 oil line

I have a 09 yz 450, hit a rock and damaged the oil line that goes into the side cover under the oil filter. The line completely came out of the motor. Has anyone had this happen? What has to be done to repair? Any info is greatly appreciated.

The metal fitting came out of the crankcase cover?  A new fitting can be bought from Yamaha and pressed/driven into the case, good as new.

Yes the metal fitting came completely out, I knocked it back in so I could ride back to my truck. I have just been worried it damaged my case, but it does not appear to be.

Grayracer513 do you think the fitting should be alright since its not leaking after I drove it back in place? Or should I still replace with a new one?

If it doesn't leak, and looks like it will stay in place, It should be fine. 

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