will YZ450F 08-09 exhaust fit a 06-08 model?

I got a full system off my 08 will fit 06-09 its mint condition was removed few hours for drd

The problem with answering your question is that there was never an "'06-'08 " model.  However, yes, in general, you can bolt up the exhaust from an '08-'09 to any '06 or '07.  The exhaust will REDUCE the amount of mid range power the bike has in return for your trouble by as much as 5 HP or more at around 5-6000 RPM.  The header is oversize for the engine, which was a compensation for the fact that the cute little muffler is outrageously restrictive. 


That's why you see so many for sale.  My recommendation is that you avoid them.

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