Differences between Canadian and US wr450 model.

I would like to know if anyone knows the differences between the Canadian and US Models of the '03 WR450? I live in the U.S. and was wondering if I purchased one - if there would be any additional problems or concerns. Will the local dealer be able to service it the same? Will I be able to get it dual-sported? If any one knows, please help - I'm looking at one to buy, but don't want to make the wrong decision. :):D....maybe?!

If you're going to buy one, don't get the '03. A quick pass through this forum should explain why.

If you get a Canadian '04, it's the exact same as the US model except for the sticker on the stem (and no taxes if you buy from Canada).


is the canadian version also restricted(trottle stop, grey wire)?

The my Canadain bike warranty was not honored in the US.

Do a search of this forum on the differences topic for complete details. The biggest concern, as I have learned here in Calif., is that the Canadian model does not have a US federal emissions sticker. Could cause reg problems in your state, if not now, maybe later. Otherwise, my Canadian purchase experience went smooth. :)

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