Starter block off kit?

Dose anyone make a starter motor block off kit for the 2011 wr450f? Or dose anyone know where to get the seal to plug where the starter motor go's?

I believe the starter block off kit is called a yz450f ☺

Seriously, why buy a wr then want to take the starter off. Why not just get the yzf if the extra weight of the starter is a problem for you

For one I didn't buy the bike it was given to me. An for two the "extra weight" is not a issue. I have put 2006 yz450f cams in an that makes it hard to start using the starter motor. An I really have no need for the battery or the starter motor.

Wasn't someone saying they used a freeze plug for an engine block?

It won't run without the battery

I forgot about that.  Maybe you could wire in a capacitor to eliminate the battery.

I used a frost plug on my 2012.  I pressed it in.  Didn't take much.  I used a C clamp.   Pictures in the 25 pound weight loss thread somewhere.

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