Only starts with Hot Start as is gets warmer?

I admit when I jetted my bike so that It would not pop on deceleration, I did so when the temps were in the 30's - 40's F. I went from stock jetting to a 45 pilot, 2001 model stock needle and a 168 main. Well this past weekend we had a 65 degree day, and the only way I could kick her over was by using the hot start button. I assume when it was warmer the bike was running to rich ?? My guess is my first try should be to turn the fuel screw in ?? How few turns out before I should go lower on the pilot ?

You are correct. If you have to use the hot start to get it lit when cold, you are too rich on the pilot.

It's not going to hurt your bike to run the fuel screw nearly all the way in. But you would "like" to have a pilot jet such that you have room for adjustment.

Since you had to use the hot start, I would guess that you need to turn the fuel screw in at least 1 full turn, maybe more.

On my bike with stock everything and at sea level, I use about 1.25-1.5 turns out at 65-70 degrees.


Steve T

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