Your opinion of my Dr.D on my wr450f?

Hello all, am just curious how the Dr.D titanium stacks up. I have a street legal '06 wr450f that I think previous owner built from ThumperTalk 'cause it has all the mods listed here. I absolutely love the bike. Never had a Dr.D before, it came on bike so I have nothing to compare it to. Is kinda loud, but not as loud as the yoshi on my LTR450.

Don't understand the question

I wish just wondering peoples opinion on Dr.D pipes

Was not wish

Depends on which pipe

He make at least two tunings for every bike he services

He also makes a ' baja tune' for some bikes like the YZ and old WR


Generally considered a 'flat' power pipe builder, emphasizing traction and control, with more power everywhere.

But it completely depends on the model of pipe you  are talking about.


The oposite would be a Yoshimira race pipe, which is designed for acceleration and easy wheel spinning.

For the yamahas dr d is the man I have no issues or complaints about his pipes. I've ran his pipes and fmf powercore 4. Love both comes down to cost for me

I've been running a DRD stainless with the spark arrestor for 8 years now, and the only complaint I ever had was that the pipe seems to need repacking more often than most.  Overall, it's been great.

Thanks for the replies. This is my first one and it came on the bike. I think it could use a repack. I like how the can has screws and not rivets.

I like how the can has screws and not rivets.


Nice to see someone think once in a while, isn't it?

I totally agree with that ^^^^. Yoshi on my LTR has rivets, I am dreading doing the repack

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