03 starter going click click click

ok this is a weird one, the bike runs perfect, starts 1st kick, but when i want to use the starter, the bike will turn over sometimes, but then sometimes it will just make a clicking noise (like the relay does). This immediately started occuring after the 1st ride after the woodruff key fix, i didnt have any problems what so ever before the "fix", what are your ideas? im about to bring it back but the stupid dealer is gonna screw up again, thanks guys :)


I've had the same thing happen on my 03. It has been rare but, I think when things are aligned a certain way the starter may not have enough torque or is not engaging properly. :) I just kick it once and it works again. I've had two keys replaced and haven't had a problem in over 7 months. (knock, knock) :D


I am currently having the same problem and find if I kick the bike thru once the starter will work again. I have a tendency to think it is the weak battery they put in these bikes, I notice when the battery is fully charged it will not do it, I am in the process of looking for a good replacement with more CCA's

Before you pull the starter check with a volt meter, ground one probe, place the other on the starter terminal and while watching the meter press the button if you get 12vdc the problem is in the starter if less than 9vdc check the battery, start relay or wiring. Take the starter off, mark it's position relative to the end caps, remove the end caps, take an ohm meter and measure the ohms of the armature and compare to the manual we had 2 windings that ohmed high and if the starter stopped on those windings it would just click. We had to replace the starter.

Is your bike hard to kick over, too? I had a problem on my '03 with the automatic decompression lever on the cam sticking. I could kick start it (barely), but no way did the starter have the juice to pull it. Yamaha had to replace the entire cam.

But, since then, I've also had the deal the others are talking about where the motor is in just the wrong part of the stroke and the starter won't turn it. I probably need a new battery, too.

If you have ever charged you battery with a car battery charger, you could have damaged it. This type battery needs to be charged with a battery tender style charger. Buy one and try charging your battery, sometimes it will bring the battery back to the proper charge state.

okay, now bring the bike a little closer to the computer....sorry i couldn't help it. kinda hard to diagnose on line. start with the basics. make sure your battery cables have a good clean contact surface. put a motorcycle type charger on the battery for awhile. the starter is a pain to remove. make sure you are positive it's not the battery. the manual has a process for checking the starter armature. good luck.

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