2014/15 yz450f Enduro/woods gearing

Just wondering what gearing you guys are running for your woods setup yz450f

And if anyone has a pic of the oversize acerbic tank on theirs?

Ims is nice fits same as stock looks great

What is your skill level?


I am generally opposed to gearing a 450F down for the woods for a number of reasons, primarily that it makes the throttle response jerky and it requires more shifting, but if you simply can't manage 1st gear without a bunch of clutch work then I guess you should gear it down.

I use stock gearing. Geared down it didn't have enough top speed for the fast sections. I still think first could be just a little lower for the tight stuff, but I've gotten use to it.

Cheers guys! I used to race Mx and was a b grade rider still do a bit of Mx, but now more bush riding! I have a ffw to add still and still need the suspension to be done! Will be adding a lowering link too! Might try a 48 and use 1st a bit more!??


13/52 on mine. Like it much more than the 13/50 that was on it when I got it.

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