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Hello all.  I'm British, live in SW France, will be in England for July.  My son dinged the front wheel on our WR450F 2007 when we were exploring some tracks near our house; I think he went too fast over some stony stuff.  Anyway two dings in the rim RHS close together and fork seal RHS leaking.  Front end vibrates now on the road, it feels like the wheel is badly out of balance but is probably slightly off round.  Any idea where I can get a replacement front wheel? Can you recommend a good website to get spares, such as the fork seals?


Thanks a lot - Steve.

Try cleaning the seal first as its prob just dirt pushed under the lip. Search youtube for sealmate to see example

Ebay best bet for front wheel..expect to pay 50 to 90 pounds for a front wheel

Depends where your going in England and how your getting here, but talon are here in Yeovil Somerset.

They could put a new rim on your old hub or you could get a whole new wheel.

It's close ish to the coast if your coming by car ferry

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