WR450f ks

How many ks/miles u guys getting out of the wr road trail riding #not on the rev limiter.i have an 07 with near 8000 ks going strong

Have over 13,000 km's on my '07 plus 2 seasons of snowbiking.

 Can't seem to kill the beast!!Blanket creek action shot.jpgpaint alpine aug 13 027.jpg

Total miles aren't something commonly kept track of on dirt bikes and they aren't as telling as total hours either. 500 miles of technical single track is much much different than 500 miles of blasting through the desert.


My 2006 WR450 had about 1,000 hrs on it before I sold it. My new '12 (bought new in august '13) has about 175 hrs on her. These bikes will run forever with proper maintenance.

Still WR400's around.

If you run them out of oil or don't change the oil you will break them.

WR400F '98 sold at 30.000km. 

WR450F '03 sold at 20.000km.

in both cases 90% on tarmac including freeways.

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