Where can I buy just the pilot jet

I'd like to get a 45 or 48 pilot jet for my 07 450f, I've google it but just get the kits. Idk just curious if someone knows where to just get the jet, also need a softer spring. The jetting database tells me the 40 pilot jet is to small. Open for suggestions. From what I've read 160 main 45 pilot is about correct at sea level. Thanks!

Any motorcycle shop will have the jet 3-5.00

160-165 main, 45 pilot

You can get them pretty much anywhere you can buy parts, like the Thumpertalk parts store, Partzilla, or a carb-specific place like http://jetsrus.com/.


A place like Jets R Us will likely have more options, unless you just need go up or down one or two sizes.

Thanks!! i found em an ordered them. 160 main 45 pilot. Idk why this bikebhad a 180 main. Seems like all the jetting database info no one had a 180. Some 170. Now I need a used softer spring. Or stock. The one on this bike must have been for a heavier guy the free sag is way off from what I've read

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