Raptor clutch levers

In my Rocky Mountain MC catalog its says the clutch perch assembly wont fit a 426 is this true and what set up are you running,will a raptor clutch fit stk 2002 perch.

h bomb

What they mean, is that it won't fit with the YZ "on the fly" easy adjuster.

You can put one on your YZ, and you can adjust it without tools, you just can't do it while you are riding. I guess you could, but it would be a little scarey.


h bomb,

I have a Raptor for my '00 but I don't quite understand your question. Are you talking about the entire perch/lever assembly fitting? If so, it doesn't matter what bike you have, it'll fit. If you're asking about whether the lever only will fit into the stock perch, I could check on that for you today.

The Raptor perch has an adjuster on it, but it has a backup nut so you'd have to pull over and adjust it then start off again whereas the stock one you can adjust with one hand as you ride.

Is the Raptor setup worth it?


Could you check for me ,does MSR have a site or phone number.I would like just the lever with my 2002 perch.Thanks ?

I don't think the Raptor lever fits the stock perch.

You need to buy the whole thing (lever and perch), about $35 if I remember.

Yes, they are worth it!

You can also just drill your stock lever, just drill the cable hole closer to the pivot bolt hole, same thing.

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According to MSR (check out msracing.com), the lever will not fit the stock perch. I have to say that I didn't even check when I got mine, just slapped the lever and perch on. I wish it had come with a dust cover because the stock doesn't fit to good. I bought the shorty version because I like only my index and middle fingers to reach the lever. With the stock I was constantly smashing the knuckles of my other two fingers when pulling in the clutch in mid air for brake tapping. Now, problem is solved so it was worth the $29 to me.

H bomb,

I have a 2000 and the Raptor lever doesn't work on the stock perch, I assume that would also be the case for the 2002.

You can check the online bike shops, quite a few of them carry the Raptor assembly with perch and your choice of standard or shorty lever. Prices range from $29-39 depending on who you go through.

It is a whole lot less clutch pull than stock!

I just installed the Raptor on my 00' 426 and absolutely love it. My stock pull felt ridiculous. Now the pull and throw are perfect. Easier than my friends 250F. I had considered extending the actuator arm, but this solved the issue. Now when I walk by the NEW 426s at the shops, I pull the clutch just feel how bad mine WAS!

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