Changing plastic on my bike and 2 of the screws spin freely and won't back out . They're located on the gas tank. Any advice on the easy way to go about getting them suckers out. Tried needle nose vice grips with no luck.

Reach behind the frame and hold the nut on the back side.

What year and make of bike please

Its probably threaded into a sleeve in the tank so no nut to grab right? One thing to try is gently prying up on the bolt with a flat head while trying to back it out with your socket on a drill

08 yz450f.

The sleeve in the tank is sticking out just enough to get the needle nose vice grips on it but when I try to back the screw out everything spins. Does all that just pop out and pop in? Not sure how it attaches to an and don't want to get to aggressive with it. I'm sure it's a common problem. I just don't know "the trick" yet.

The molded-in thread inserts in the tank, right?


First, devise a tool or combination of them that will allow you to put prying or pulling pressure upward/outward on the shroud, as id to pull it off without unscrewing, as if it were nailed on.  A pair of needle nose wedged behind the shroud may work.


Then, put a socket and extension, or some similar lash-up into a power drill.  Spin the bolt as fast as it will turn, prying out on the whole thing at the same time.  This will usually extract the entire insert from the tank, after which you'll be able to get a good enough grip on the insert to get the bolt out of it.  Glue the insert back into the tank with a two part epoxy like JB Weld.

Thanks grayracer513. I already popped my plastic over the bolt to get a better look. What if I just got a good hold on it and pulled the puss out of it. Or will that damage my tank.

That might work, but you'll have better luck by prying up on it and spinning it with a drill.  ;)

If the insert is spinning in its cavity but wont come out easily, prying it all upward can put it in a position where the plastic will "grab" the insert

No, it won't, (never has) but it will move the remaining plastic out of the way and allow it to be removed, as explained.

Yes i should have added that if it didnt work like that it would wear itself a way out of the hole giving you a solution to your problem

But for me on my 04 it grabbed and my bolt came out

Thanks everyone as soon as I get a chance to work on it I'll let ya know how my luck went.

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