Used WR price?

I'm considering a used 2000 model WR400 in nearly new condition. Only 2 rides claimed. All parts are original and it doesn't appear to have ever been laid down. The guy is willing to take $4700. Is this a good deal? What used prices are you guys seeing out there?


Lee R,

I bought my 00 WR400 for $3,500. It was ridden on and off road and had 1500 miles on it. For a dirt bike it was in really good condition. Granted that was a screamin deal. I didn't even try to chew him down. Around here that same bike does $4,500 all day. See if he'll take $4,200. Worst he'll do is counter. I would be happy to spend $4,500 if it is as nice as it sounds. :)


'00 WR 400





Last year I bought my '99 for $4300. It had 600 miles on it, throttle trimmed, airbox removed, and Baja kit with stator rewind. Thought I got a pretty good deal, and the thumper vets around me concurred.

In equivalent terms, yours seems like a good deal. Sounds like less miles than mine at the time. Check to see what extras it comes with. That could be the clincher, or you may want to play the game a little longer.


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