need advice on busted ignition cover

Last Sunday I landed on a beginner who was not able to roll over a double in a straight line or "keep his line". My bike landed on his shattering my ignition/flywheel cover. Of course all the oil blew all over my boot after the 30-40 ft it took for me to come to a stop. At home I removed the cover to find some magnesium particles scattered in the ignition, flywheel area. I plan on removing the flywheel & the cover underneith the flywheel to check for more particles. Is there anything else I should do or not do to avoid any damage????

There shouldn't be any oil in the fly wheel cover, unless your shift rod seal is leaking. check to make sure the case is not cracked letting the oil leak through.

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David, Not too long ago I was in a head on collision with an XR400 and poked a big hole in my cover. I put a tire patch over the hole and made it home ok. I wouldn't worry about it. Needless to say you need to give your bike an oil change and replace the cover. Yes, their is oil in there, that's totally normal. I replaced my cover with the stock oem cover for about 75 bucks. I know that Pro-Curcuit makes them too. How's your health. I sent you a card when you were in the hospital a few months ago but you were released before it got there. Good luck.

Dan :)

Hi David,

I've got a stock ignition cover(98)* that i'd be happy to sell you for $30. includes shipping.

Yamaha lists the same base part #5_ _ 15411-00-00 for all years 98-02 yz/wr.

email: (626) 794-3425.

Dan, thanks for the response. I thought/knew that oil was in there at all times as I have lost the center cover on my 99 & oil came out then. My only concern is that when I took the cover off there were pieces of the cover all in the back side of the cover under the flywheel. So I am going to remove the flywheel, remove the bottom cover(attached with star bolts) & flush out what I can find.

By the way thanks again for the card. I feel great actually better than before. All follow up test have been excellent. Had a "nuclear stress test" 2 weeks ago where they measure heart rate with me on a inclined treadmill for 20 min & inject some solution in my vein & take some pictures w/ heart rate very high. All came out excellent. I am very pleased from this wake up call. Thanks for asking & appreciate the advice.

DBD: I already purchased replacement cover but thanks for the discounted offer.

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