Choosing wr450f or drz400sm for supermoto

 Hey i am new to this site and always read forums to answer my questions but now i can't make a for sure decision of what i want to do. I really like yamaha bikes and wanted to buy a new bike for a supermoto going to and from work. I want to buy the wr450f and convert it but was wondering if anybody could give me a list of what i would need to do to make it last a 40 mile one way trip and sometimes will be in traffic or if i should just go the easy route and get the dry thats already to go. i just know i would be more happy with the wrf. Like would i need to put a fan on the radiator like the drz or add an oil cooler onto it? more technical things like that thanks a lot.

Like i understand most of the things to make it a supermoto just wondering if thats too far of a commute for the wrf. I would be getting a 2015 or 2014 brand new 

It shouldn't be too far. These bikes come as street bikes in other countries.

Using a fan might be a good idea. I just use more coolant than water and have never had a issue idling at a light.

A DRZ is also a reliable bike and is ready to go.

If you want a full list of stuff for a WR supermoto go to supermoto junkie and look in the Yamaha section. There are many many WR450 supermoto bikes.

Ok great thanks a lot. Ya in traffic sometimes I get stuck in stop and go for about 15 20 mins.

I actually run straight anti freeze which freaks some people out. Been doing it for over 20 years in my dirt bikes and since 2008 in the WR Supermoto. No issues.

The DRZ would be more comfortable

The WR would be more agressive and fun

How about an oil cooler would that be a must? Or would I be alright not putting one on? I'm ok with doing oil changes more periodically just wondering how much I would have to do it with the wr.

Any WR I owned came with an coolant catch tank which made them over-heat resistant:

While EXC would hide their rider in clouds of steam my WR was boiling its coolant

in the tank at the rear, until I got to a secition for second gear.  Then the boiling stop.


Any WR I owned came with a dry sump lubraication system. While running only 1 quart

of engine oil, no one felt it necessary to add an oil cooler.  Just make sure there is enough

oil. However I did like it better when the oil tank was in the frame. I dry sump system of

my '12 looks fishy to me, having the tank down inside the engine case.


They are admittedly heavy, compared to EXC of CRF-X (no experience with then)

but they are indestructible.

Ok thank you for the great information

Yea no oil cooler necessary unless your pushing into the mid 60 horsepower but then it wouldn't be a street bike.

Just change the oil every three or four rides and always make sure it has oil in it.

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