2006 WR450F, starter stays on when real hot

Hello everyone.

I've searched but came up short.

Recently when my bike gets pretty hot, 210+ on trail tech, if I use me e-start, the starter will not disengage. Bike will start and idle but you can hear the starter winding real loud. Hit the kill switch and starter just keeps on spinning and trying to crank her.

Kick start gives me no problems.

I let her cool down and e-start is back to normal.

Any ideas? Is there a starter relay on these? I'm thinking it's the starter solenoid or a relay. Anyone had this issue?


e-start button kinked or starter relay stuck.

^^ ditto

Thanks guys.

Any idea where the relay is? Is it the junction under the seat? I haven't seen a normal looking relay so I'm assuming it's built into something else.

Yep. It's under the seat. I'll go ahead an order one. Thanks

Yep. It's under the seat. I'll go ahead an order one. Thanks


Most likely the connections are just corroded

All connections I can see are good. It's definitely a heat related issue.

Ordered a new one on eBay for $11. It's aftermarket so we will see...

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