Wrong Friction Clutch Plates: 01 YZ426


i just realized I ordered the wrong friction clutch plates for my 01 YZ426.

I have (8) 5JG-16321 and (1) 3XK-16321


Looks like I am suppose to have (8) 3XK-16321 and (1) 5JG-16321.



Does anyone know if this will still work correctly. It is my undestanding that the one  5JG-16321 has a lager inside diameter to allow the plate to fit over the clutch  boss/springs.


The plates are not returnable.


Thanks for your help.

As long as you make sure to install one of the 5JG plates at the back, it should work.

Thanks Gray...

You're local.. do you know any of these guys personally..Lightninquick, Bolt, KennyMc

Did some suspension work for Kenny once on his old WR forks, but he's like 150 miles away.  Don't know the other two. 

I was wondering cause in some of your post you indicated you work with desert racers..thinking D37..Hesperia area..

D38... All the way south.

My way...and past..out of Murrieta.

.D38.. that's Ocotillo Wells area. .Regul8or used to race D38.

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