Top Speed on Stock YZ426

I've put about 40 miles on the old yz recently converted. I totally love this bike. It's really enjoyable. Keep in mind the gearing is all stock,and Wheels are stock dirt bike tires. First day taking it freeway and I got up to 98.9 mph (says the trail tech vapor speedo). It is accurate, I had my buddy run beside me in his car. Just wanted to share this little achievement.

Also Let me know what you all think. I'd like to do some mods because it has some cons (not really comfortable long rides, throttle skips at high speeds, oil is fine but coolant keeps leaking under skid plate) just some issues I'll get worked out. I really need dual sport tires too without changing the rims if anyone has suggestions.

Pics: before and after

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1434493995.495128.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1434494006.048092.jpg

Looks like fun. Those things were a bear to start weren't they? What do you mean by dual sport tires? More street than dirt?

Looks like fun. Those things were a bear to start weren't they?

Yes it is. Normally it starts 2-3 kick with choke and starts first kick when hot. The idle is what's hard, I find myself changing it all the time. If it dies at a red light normally I'll have to delay traffic

The 426 has a dicky fifth gear, look after it by changing into it with care or you'll throw it.... I had a 426 ( Australian rider ) and it was the bees knees, ducks guts on the highway, lots of fun...

Over here the 426 has one of the best reps around and everyone who's ever owned or ridden love them....

After fifth gear went on mine I upped the teeth on the from and downed them on the back.... The motors are bullet proof except for the box

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