front wheel axle removal

Is there a trick to removing the front wheel axle,

I removed the nut and backed out the pinch bolts but the axle only moves about half an I missing something? could my axle be bent?

the axle spins fairly easily and the wheel spins independantly. :)

you need to carefully pry open the left side fork bottom, where the pinch bolts are with a chisle or large flathead screwdriver. Then tap out the axle from the right side with a rubber mallet.

Once you get all the pinch bolts loose, you will notice that the axile as a hole in the middle. Get a punch or crappy old screw driver and insert it into the hole in the axle (try to bottom it out). Gently tap w/ rubber mallit, once it moves you sould be able to grab it on the other side.

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