03 yzf or 02/03 crf

i own the 2000 yzf426 and love it. but its time to move to a new one. should i wait 4 the 2003 yzf or get a crf? please explain...

wait for the 03' YZ450...Im sure Yamaha will make it worth our wait!

The Yamaha 4-strokers are proven! Who knows about the honda? Stay Yamaha!

I am a 2000 426 owner and I am waiting for the '03s. I feel that my bike (yes, a 2000) is superior to the '02 CRF 450. Don't get me wrong, I rode Hondas before I made the 4-Stroke swap and remain a fan of their products. But Yamaha has several years of tech experience with the YZF and I think it will take Honda more than one year to catch up. If the '03 YZF is a 450 and weighs substantially less than the '02 YZF, it will be hard to beat. I don't think Yamaha will be able to match the weight of the CRF unless they go to an aluminum frame and alter their engine design, both of which I can live without.

Originally posted by motoman393:

wait for the 03' YZ450...Im sure Yamaha will make it worth our wait!

And that my pal, is what I am hoping for! All they need to do is lose even just 10lbs, that could EASILY be done with some smaller fasteners, lighter exhaust, and some bracketry changes...

Add 25cc more to the motor, refine what they already have, and you have a winner! I love my 426, it suits my style, and THAT folks, is the gist of the matter. Which bike fits YOU the best, and which bike WORKS for YOU...I personally love the planted feel of the YZ, stability is top notch, and the motor is enough for mortals, anybody that can ride the stock engine past it's limits better be getting PAID to do it LOL (ok ok, the BK mod is worth it!).

I am waiting for the yz450 too.

Altough I am always a little skeptical to buy a first generation/newly designed motor.

Anybody have any idea how different the 450 will be? Is it just an evolution like 400 -> 426?

I agree with bassr and therapture. I feel that Honda did a great job with the CRF without a doubt. I ride more off-road with my WR426 and the entire front end is so more planted that the Honda. Im sure for racing on tracks the Honda would shine because of the lighter weight but when it comes to everything else I'de prefer the Yamaha. For 2003 my guess is that the Yamaha four strokes will get revamped big time. It'll probably be a 450 (not that I need the extra 24cc's). But hopefully it'll be lighter and more refined all around.

I don't think the CRF will change all that much for 2003. My guess is that they'll change the little things but for the most part you'll get the same bike as the 2002 model.

I too am waiting for the 2003 YZ or WR. If it's not lighter than my 2001 then I'll be switching brands without a doubt. Life is too short not to be riding a light weight bike. But I don't see that happening.

Dan :)

i hope the 03's are good i have one orded at work. im am hopeing for a 450 a bit lightrt with electric start, if KTM can do it yammie sure can. Besides my 98 wrf is getting a little tired now and has won its fair share of races

It's interesting the Yam "planted" feeling has come up. Thats my main worry with a 10+lb lighter Yam. Is it going too feel twitchy? Is this extra weight loss going to compromise stability?

Mr T

You guys realize the planted feeling come from a 250+ lb. motorcycle right? If you take 15 real pounds off the YZ its gonna get different in a lot of ways. I want a YZ thats lighter too but, Im lookin at the Honda in the future. Not soley at the Honda, but side by side with the YZ. And if the KTM figured out where the inside line is, it would be right there too. Lots of folks are buy the Honda, the shop I visit most sells both YZ and CR. The YZ is down to 5300 and sitting. The CR's are 6299 and disappearing. Thousand dollar difference, and the YZ is still sitting. Makes ya think...

I do not think the Yamaha losing weight would compromise the front end feel. Yamaha has always had a great front end setup and Honda never has. It is always an issue on the Honda's, whether it's a CBR900RR, an RC51, a CR250 or a CR450F. Honda has never had a clue on how to setup the front. They have always been harsh, head-shaking beasts. Just for the record, I roadraced a 900RR, rode a VFR to hell and back, raced CR's, and owned 2 Gold Wings. The RR was frightening until I got a F2 wheel and aftermarket triple clamps on it. I am not anti-Honda, but facts are facts. I have owned more Honda's than anything and I think their quality is the best. They just make some strange engineering choices. I was all hot and bothered to get a CRF, until I rode one. Now I am going to wait and see what Yamaha does next season.

Let the flaming begin...

MXA had an article in the Feb 02 issue where they fixed the twitchy-ness of the CRF front end by replacing the triple clamp with one that had different geometry. According to them it felt much more stable afterward (like we trust them though right??).

Anyway, it sounds like lighter bikes can feel planted, it's just a matter of setup.

Also, one of the other mags did a story on making the YZF250 lighter (down to like 215 #) and they said it still felt planted, although a little easier to break the back tire loose.

I say lose some weight Yamaha. Those that don't like it, well, there's always lead tape!!

Geometry and suspension setup, not to mention power delivery, have SO much to do with steering, weight is a smaller part of the equation than you think, and as long as the weight is in the right place, it will work, regardless of whether it weighs 250lbs or 215lbs. :)

Just go over to the Crf side and read all of the problems they are having and the DEZ season hasnt even started!!!! :D

I say ......at least wait til it proves itself in the DEZ .......if it holds up there it should be ok. but by then the YAMMY 449 will be in the show room!!! or close!

Many Oil burn probs and chain slider probs on the CRF already!!! :)

BF, No flaming by me!! I agree, while the CRF is great and will sell alot of units I too rode the CRF and wasnt as impressed as I thought I'de be. Man, it's great to be able to test ride other bikes. How else would you know whats best for you.

got it guys and will wait 4 the yzf 2003

many thanks...

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